Welcome to my Why?

Thanks for checking in and taking an interest in the Lutz Songwriters Collective Music Ministry brought to you by Tumbleweed Music, in collaboration with the FL Christian Songwriters Associates.

I’ve learned in the age of digital marketing the labels no longer control our reach in the music industry.  All of us including myself are independent and our success depends on what we put forth into our craft whatever it may be.  

Writing lyrics for 10 years, and partaking in several production projects, I’ve learned God’s work is not limited by failures or doubts. He works through ordinary people. Just as He used all kinds of people to bring his son into the world, He uses all kinds of people to accomplish His will.  And God wants to use us if we’re willing.

I’m on a journey to connect creatives within the body of Christ to create and share our passion for God through the word, songwriting and music.  

This website introduces a music ministry that is about building a Godly fan base culture.  It’s for every songwriter and creative who wants leverage in their own space.  What is leverage? It’s a strategic advantage. It’s the power to influence our music career with real results. It’s the power to believe in Gods plan and purpose for our lives to let our voices be heard.

My why is about sharing what collaboration is and shouldn’t be. For me serving others is my why. My deep need to connect with others who have a passion for God first, music second. This is my why. It’s the creation of a music ministry with biblical truth as our foundation. There are many others who share similar whys? So, what is your why?


For more information:

Email us at: lutzsongwritingcollective@gmail.com