Our Mission

Create original faith based music and share biblical truth

Our Vision

Work with independent artists and use our original works as a foundation for outreach and ministry

What to Expect

Expect one new song per month, prayer, testimonies, group collaboration/song inspiration.

Learn from our strengths and weaknesses

What we Offer (both now and in future)

  • A safe place to write, share talents and make music in a faith based environment.

  • Co-Write Connections

  • A digital platform to showcase our original music (Spotify, iTunes, Internet Radio, Tumbleweed Music Library

  • Market original music

  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) availability

  • Music Library highlighting original songs for creatives

  • We will work to find local venues to showcase “original music”

  • Blogs to keep community informed

  • Merchandise (to spread the word and our sustainability)