Our Mission

To shift power to the creative independent artist

Our Vision

Create original Christian songs and provide a platform through business marketing solutions, media promotion and digital audiences

What to Expect

Expect two hours of prayer, testimonies and group collaboration/song inspiration.

Learn your strengths and weaknesses

Email your audition video for consideration

What we Offer

  • A safe place to write, share talents and make music in a faith based environment.

  • Weekly Co-Write Songwriting Sessions

  • A digital platform to showcase our original music online - Coming Soon: Spotify, iTunes, Tumbleweed Music Library

  • Market original music

  • DAW-Digital Audio Workstation availability

    Coming: Open mic night 6-9 - 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month. Great opportunity to showcase and perform original songs (sign up in advance)

  • Workshops on production, songwriting, and publishing - TBD

  • Music Library highlighting original songs for creatives involved in co-write projects

  • Members can submit “original Christian music” for our library for consideration

    1. must have good sound quality

    2. Must attend our meetings

  • Non-members can submit “original Christian music” for our library (by submitting a song, and a small monthly fee) to help support our ministry (submit for consideration)

  • We will work to create venues to showcase our “collective original music”

  • Have a platform for Web Testimonials

  • Share community events

  • Celebration of our wins

  • Blogs to keep our community informed

  • Merchandise (to spread the word and our sustainability)