Let’s Brainstorm

Freestyle Songwriter’s Meetup

Our virtual meetings are for songwriters, and singer/songwriters, committed to their craft. It is for anyone willing to put in the time. Anyone who wants to connect with other folks and make original music. Our goal is to expand our reach, build music related assets and serve our creative community.  Connections can be made on-line.

Our time should be non-competitive in nature so no naysayers permitted.

This is a “Christian faith based community and ministry”. Our aim is putting others first, by sharing our gifts.



Agenda - (Each one can teach one)

  • Welcome

  • Prayer

  • 5 minutes for Testimonials/Happenings/Gigs

  • Let’s Brainstorm

  • Closing Prayer

  • Completing our new song (assign the song ie melody, ryhthum)